Bucket list locations like this are here on our doorstep in FNQ. Home of some of the best Big Barra fishing in the country, with people traveling far and wide to fish at this unique pristine inshore island.

A rugged mountainous Island provides a backdrop like no other.

The Channel and mangrove lined creeks and river systems have a total area that is approx. 52 kilometers long and 10 kilometers wide. The Island boasts endless freshwater streams and mangrove rocky foreshores in addition to some of the most diverse mangrove forests in the country.

Fishing in Cardwell has its advantages over most areas with the island protecting us from the South Easterly Trade Winds that blow most of the year, this means that there is always somewhere out of the wind to sit and enjoy the fishing and surrounding area.

Target Species: Barramundi, Golden Snapper, King Salmon, Nannigai , Red Emperor, Coral Trout and Spanish Mackerel.
Reef Fishing: Bluewater, Top Water/ Reef Flats, Deepwater Jigging . 
Creek & River Fishing: Lure fishing.
Times: 7am till 3pm  (tide dependent)
Dates: 1st of February till 20th of April
Pickup Location: Cardwell Boat Ramp, the main boat ramp is located in the marina at Port Hinchinbrook. 
Directions: Its pretty easy to find, just follow the signs to Port Hinchinbrook (turn right on the way into Cardwell), and then follow the signs to the boat ramp.



$1000 per booking *

* = Group booking includes 1-3 people,
add $200 to upgrade to a 4 person booking


$3000 per booking *

* = Group booking includes 1-3 people,
add $600 to upgrade to a 4 person booking


Prices start from $5000 *

* = Charter is custom build to suit your needs


“Chaice and the crew took my best friend and I for a 3-day tour out to Deeral and Innisfall recently, the tropical weather was amazing and we caught some of the biggest barra I’ve ever seen! Amazing experience, two thumbs up! ”

Andre (Wellington, New Zealand)

“The Coastal Connections crew were great! They fitted me in on a last minute early morning fish up at Lake Tinneroo. Captain Chaice put me straight onto the fish. Within 20 minutes I was on my new personal best barramundi going 87cm and ten minutes later I landed a big girl going 105cm. It was 100% worth the early start catching big Barra while watching the sunrise. Great job guys keep up the good work!”

Alex (Canberra, Australia)

“I’ve grown up locally and always thought chasing barra in the colder months was pointless, the skipper Chaice explained with a wide knowledge of barra lifestyles and habits that it was still worth going you just need to know where and when to be there. he sure didn’t disappoint with his knowledge. I’d really encourage anyone to call Chaice and organize a trip, they have the knowledge to put you on the fish!”

Louis (Innisfall, Australia)

Orders are made in advance, once we receive the order we will contact you to confirm your booking and request a 50% upfront deposit.  The remainder of the fee would need to be paid  one one day prior to the booking date.
We have a two week prior cut off date for cancellations, anyone after this date will lose their deposit.
All charter dates subject to weather cancellations will be rebooked if possible or refunded.
Photo & Video Packages can be requested as an optional extra.
You will need to bring a hat, sunglasses, a towel along with a backpack of comfort essentials should you want to bring anything in addition to what’s provided already.


Each day of charters goes for around 8-9 hours.   The exact time can depend on the touring party, the weather and various other elements. 

Since our days are 8-9 hours, we allocate around 2 hours to travel and then the remainder of the time is on the water.   

This works out to be a total of 6-7 hours on the water per day.

If you wish to keep the fish your catch during the charter you can unless it’s a Barramundi over 80cm.

The reason we don’t allow Barramundi over 80cm to be kept is because they can often be essential to Barramundi breeding and it can disrupt the ecosystem taking them from the water.

We decide whether the weather conditions are right or not for the day prior to departure. 

If the weather conditions are not looking good then we attempt to reschedule the tour and if that’s not possible we will provide a refund.

This is optional, more than often our clients already have accommodation, however,  if you need help finding a place to stay before or after your tour then just let us know and we will connect you with somewhere nice.

It’s quite easy to get to each pier with uber and cabs, however, if you are having transportation issues then just let us know and we will help.

Do you have a question that wasn’t covered on this page or would like to enquire about special conditions or non-private shared group tours.  We’d love to hear from you…  
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