Coastal Connections will take you fishing to any system that you request if you have something special in mind. We  work between Cairns, Cardwell over the summer months and Weipa, Mapoon over the winter months. 

Following the best fishing and weather opportunities to make sure your time on the water is nothing short of spectacular 

Fishing in the coastal reaches of Far North Queensland  gives you the opportunity to catch a myriad of species and explore some of the last untouched areas on offer. 

Far north Queensland is loaded with  thriving ecosystems and picturesque  landscapes. showcasing tropical reefs, sand cays, mangrove forests and thousands of pristine rivers and creeks.   

Our custom built 6000 long boat from BME NQ,  has been specifically built for the style of fishing we offer with  leading end electronics and top of the line Shimano fishing equipment. 


Target Species:   Nannigai, Red Emperor,  Coral Trout,  Spanish Mackerel, Gold Band Snapper,  Fingermark and Barramundi.

Cairns is one of the major hubs in North Queensland and the doorway to the Great Barrier Reef, it’s no wonder that this tropical paradise  is on top of most people’s bucket lists, and the fishing is not far behind it.

With great views and much of the local wildlife on offer, this charter can be a real treat to the eyes.

Locked drags and bent rods is the norm in cairns with it hosting great reef and inshore fishing opportunities, for any level of angler.  

Reef Fishing: Bluewater, Top Water/ Reef Flats, Deepwater Jigging 


Target Species:   Barramundi, Mangrove jacks, Fingermark, Jewfish , Gt’s, Queenfish, Coral Trout and Spanish Mackerel

Weipa certainly has a reputation for delivering some of the best fishing Queensland has to offer, matched with some of the most picturesque landscapes in Cape York. 

A town Built on culture and mining, secluded from the rest of the world for many years, but now has almost got an asphalt road all the way from Cairns making access all the more easier.   

Covering rivers that seem to have no end, countless inshore reefs and second to none sportfishing. Offering Barramundi, Mangrove jacks, Fingermark, Jewfish , Gt’s, Queenfish, Coral Trout and Spanish Mackerel just to name a few of the target species in the area this place is ALIVE!


Target Species:   Barramundi Golden Snapper, King Salmon, Nannigai, Red Emperor, Coral Trout and Spanish Mackerel

Home of some of the best Big Barra fishing in the country, with people traveling far and wide to fish at this unique pristine inshore island.

Close to 52 kilometers long and 10 kilometers wide, the island boasts endless freshwater streams and mangrove rocky foreshores in addition to some of the most diverse mangrove forests in the country.

Fishing in Cardwell has its advantages over most areas with the island protecting us from the South Easterly Trade Winds that blow most of the year and make access quite the breeze.

Coastal Fishing: Barramundi Fishing, Shallow water jigging/ plastics, Bluewater. 


Target Species:   Barramundi, King Salmon, Jew Fish, Golden Snapper/Finger Mark and the Mighty Nannigai, Red Emperor, Coral Trout, Spanish Mackerel and Mud Crab

Our most recent location to be added to the Coastal Connection catalogue and our first multi day accommodation, flights and guided fishing packages.

Mapoon or Old Mapoon referred to by the locals is a small isolated Aboriginal community to the north of Weipa, located in  the estuary section of the Wenlock river. Wenlock river  stretches over 300kms and is home to some truly unique wildlife and also  a section of  the Steve Irwin wildlife reserve. 

These packages are going to cover a wide range of fishing options and over 100 kms of river, estuary and coastal fringes.

Travel arrangements will be covered in the booking price as well as accommodation, meals, all fishing equipment and an experienced guide to put you on that fish of a lifetime. 


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