Coastal Connections sports fishing is a family owned business based in tropical North Queensland.  We specialise in Most aspects  fishing and have great local knowledge of our beautiful region of Australia, our aim is to put you on that once in a life time fishing experience.

Whilst our main target species include  Barramundi , Golden Snapper, Saddletail Snapper, Red Emperor , Coral Trout and GT’s   we do cater to other fishing experiences for everyone. Our area of operations stretches across Far North Queensland and into Cape York.

Tours range from a full day  to Five days of nonstop fishing adventure.  Our personalised & unique style of  fishing allows for limited availability throughout the year, therefore advance bookings are essential.

We pride ourselves in protecting the marine ecosystem, whilst our charters are mostly catch and release we offer a range of targeted spices for the catch and cook style of client. 


North Queensland local and Coastal Connections founder,  Capitan Chaice Budd, is passionate and dedicated to the fine art of Reef coastal and estuary fishing.

Growing up in the tropics has its advantages when learning how to fish with such diverse marine ecosystems ranging from fresh water streams to the open flats, headlands and beyond.

From a young age fishing has flowed through his veins, targeting most of what the Far North has to offer. 


‘Goody’ as he is known by the locals, has been kicking round Cairns since he was a fishing grommet.  He previously ran around barefoot chasing perch up the creeks, mouthos in the dams and spear fishing the tidal sections of the Barron.

Way back then technology was a thing of the future, Goody’s fishing style evolved from these low tech agricultural methods.

These days he takes an old school style and applies a bit of technicolor with new school technology to hone in on fish movement patterns. Don’t expect that new technology to involve an electric motor though, he’ll have you pulling up the lead plonk anchor all day.

Humminbird sounders allow Goody and the rest of the crew at Coastal Connections to deliver bites right down to pre-scheduled windows.


Mudskipper  is a custom built 6000 north wind  built by BME NQ  and powered by the reliable Yamaha F175 four stroke.  Included onboard are top of the line electronics such as a Minnkota trolling motor and the latest HumminBird and Garmin GPS/Sounders.

We’re lucky enough to have the support of a few local tackle stores who supply us with leading-edge gear to get the job done.

Whilst you are welcome to bring your own gear, we do supply a great range of spinning and overhead reels, with top-notch tackle. Supplied by Shimano Australia 

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